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My brother disappeared over the weekend. I’d gone down to see him and my mom. We were watching a movie at around 10:30pm, when he stood up and went to the kitchen. He then presumably walked out.
I went to see where he was after about 20 minutes. When I couldn’t find him, I assumed/hoped he’d gone out for a cigarette and a walk.

We went out to search for him and hour or so later, and phoned the police about 3 hours after that. We’ve done everything we can since then, including posting flyers and searching everywhere. It’s been 36 hours now. The temperature has been around 0° C both evenings and it’s been raining as of last night.

If you know anyone in south England - especially in Hants/Hampshire - I’d really appreciate if you could point them toward this post, ask them to take a quick glance at the picture and keep it in mind when travelling over the next few days. We believe he’s been off his anti-psychotics medication for around 5 days. He’s not violent at all, nor a hazard to anyone but himself. He will probably be confused, with some periods of lucidity. If found, please immediately contact the Hampshire police on the non-emergency number 101, referencing case #200 from 16th February 2014.

Thank you.



Tolkien’s perception of “Grownupishness” - Age 21

Tolkien’s perception of “Grownupishness”
- Age 21

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Carfree Highway (by johnny manzanita)

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